Child Sponsorship to Build a golden Future

Our focus is on building up a big community for children so they can feel like home everywhere. We aim to create a better future for our children with their foster families. If you sponsor one child, you will be provided with gifts and long-term resources for your chosen child and the whole community.

One Child with One Sponsor

For the child sponsorship program, all the vulnerable children are nominated by their community and only one child can be matched with one sponsor. This way, you can share and get God’s love by this one-to-one connection.

Big Strides

When you love, pray, and donate, this results in the long-lasting effect on your sponsored child, their family, and community. Donate with a big and open heart! Enjoy the journey of your sponsored child and see how their standard of living is raising day by day. Support our initiation and organization and do good to the children to change their lives and future. Believe us, we use 90% of donation in planning programs that benefit them and their families.

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