Blanket distribution in slum areas

Post by: Bright Future Welfare Society 25-02-2019

The winter months in India especially Delhi wrath havocs on the people, living in slum areas. They have nowhere to go but to bear the brunt of freezing air during winter. We have seen those people many times, wondering what we can do for them. Blanket for Winters! That’s what we thought.

The temperatures in Delhi continue to remain low. In order to execute our initiative of distribution of blankets to the deprived and poor people, we approach them in the night and give away quality and warm blankets to them. Most of the blankets are being given to the elderly who cannot protect themselves from cold and then to the little children.

This gives us inner peace and happiness to help these people who cannot manage to protect themselves and their families from the bitter cold. By doing this, we make sure that we inspire each one of them who witness this act to do much better for these destitute people.

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