Remedial Education

Remedial Education

We provide our special children with the instructional programs, designed for students who have difficulty reading and writing. We want our children to become education empowered so they can precisely define and shape their future.

We Have Children who Need Remedial Education such as

  • Children who have difficulty reading and writing.
  • Children diagnosed with Specific Learning Disability.
  • Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

How do We Help?

Using remedial education, we address multiple areas in which we wish to provide our children with a positive, long-lasting, and meaningful experience. For children with writing and reading difficulties, we work on eye and hand integration skills which build strength and dexterity in children to hold a pencil appropriately.

This way, we ensure that our children get proper education and therefore, we ask for more donation and help. Believe us, your little help can really change someone’s life.

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