Women empowerment

Needless to mention, that women empowerment in India is a challenging task, especially in the regions where women are denied even their basic rights like health, education , employments and a respectable status in the society. According to the latest studies, India has a dangerously imbalanced sex ratio and the prime reason for this is female infanticide and sec selective abortions.

A long way to go

Women empowerment simply means to provide more powers to the females so that they can take their own decisions and save them from physical, mental and sexual exploitations. A lot has been done to empower women in India since independence but Indian women still have to go a long way to achieve something great.

How we are contributing?

Bright Future Welfare Society organizes several programs for women on the regular basis in order to make them aware of their rights and their ability to take right decisions.

Parlour and boutique course for 1 women :

Basic = 3 month = 4500

Diploma = 6 month = 9000

Diploma = 1 year = 18000

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